Your fastest DeFi trading bots. Made by traders for traders. Made for BSC,ETH,MATIC,FTM & many more to come!

MarksmanSwap Trading Platform

  • Snipe new token listings.
  • Buy & Sell faster than anyone.
  • Avoid rugpulls & honeypots.
MarksmanSwap , your own high-accuracy trading bot. MarksmanSwap is a local bot that runs cross-platform on your own machine, giving you significantly more control over your trades. DEX volume is at an all time high and continues to grow, and with that traders are looking for their next edge. With the MarksmanSwap Platform, you're not only finding that edge, you are leading the market instead of following it.
We decided to build MarksmanSwap in the fastest and most compatible blockchain coding language. By using the fastest coding language your orders will route faster than any other sniping & trading bots.
By avoiding web interfaces & Metamask and directly interacting with blockchain Nodes we route your orders faster than any of the web based platforms. This created a more advanced platform that outsmarts other bots and web-based platforms.

How is MarksmanSwap better than other snipers & trading bots? What is the advantage of running a local bot?

Imagine you are trying to go to the moon and you have 2 choices, fly with the first spacecraft invented or with the state of the art spaceship? You would of course go with the latter. That is the speed advantage of running a local bot. Once it's set up you have the fastest and most powerful tool to snipe & trade on the DEX market. MarksmanSwap gives you the ability to execute a variety of trade types BEFORE the Pancake interface even updates! Along with that, youโ€™ll have the ability to snipe listings right as liquidity is provided, pre-approve tokens before you even have them, and set buy/sell limits to ensure max trading profitability. Since MarksmanSwap is a local bot it only executes trades when conditions are triggered, giving you greater flexibility to adjust or cancel trades at any time with ZERO gas costs. This allows you to hide your trades from the market until the exact moment youโ€™re ready to execute them.
Last modified 5mo ago